Welcome home to 29 Woodcut Lane

MLS# 4847373  A Bayberry Gem! Located in the sought after

Bayberry Community with its Olympic sized pool, tennis court, basketball court, volley ball court, cafe, playground and summer camp! This is a unique 4 bedroom, 3 bath 2514 square  foot Contemporary home located on 0.29 of an acre. The modern kitchen with its custom maple cabinetry, granite counters, skylight, and rustic stone flooring is simply great, as is the first floor huge sunny bedroom with a separate den and bath that has sliding doors to a great private slate patio. The kitchen and dining room leads to a beautiful beamed vaulted living room with a fireplace, and bay windows. There is also a large sun room with sliding doors to a huge deck off the dining room and kitchen. Perfect for entertaining. There are three additional bedrooms on the second floor with a large modern hall bath and a skylight too. The Master Bedroom with its 2 skylights measures 14 X 17.6″ and has an en suite bathroom. Just 30 minutes from New York City, and so close to New Rochelle’s vibrant downtown. This charming home is being offered at $899,000.

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The New Rochelle Community!

The Bayberry Community

One of my biggest regrets is not having purchased a home in the New Rochelle Bayberry community when we first considered  were seeking a home in New Rochelle so many years ago  ( can’t give away my age!). This community was built in the 1950’s and there were basically 3 different original styles as described in an original marketing brochure -“The Bayberry Model  ( 3 bedrooms, 2 baths) , “The Bayberry Split – either 3 or 4 bedrooms plus a den and 2 baths, and “The Bayberry Expanded Model” which was either a 4 or 5 bedroom home plus a den and 3 bathrooms.

200 homes were originally built, and of course the community recreational area with the Olympic sized pool,  children’s wading pool and shuffleboard court! I loved perusing through the brochure and noting how each home would have a  Chamber’s  stove. There are still a few homes with that original stove!

Over the years, the community grew, and those home owners who chose to live in Bayberry have developed it beautifully. Many home owners, loving the area so much, expanded their homes upwards, outwards, and so when you drive through you can see a variety of different styles today. There is now a tennis court, a volley ball court, a basketball court, a cafe, a summer camp, the Olympic sized swimming pool of course, the children’s wading pool,  children’s playground,  and seasonal community activities are offered too. Each home owner must  pay the Bayberry dues of currently $650 per year (payable in two installments –  February and October, and then tennis, pool membership are additional yearly costs. 

New Rochelle is GREAT!

New Rochelle – Rebuilding and GREAT!

Mayor Noam Bramsom

Mayor Noam Bramson , always informative, invited all of the local Realtors to City Hall for an update on the city to address the hopes and concerns of the current and prospective residents,

Mr. Luiz Aragon

and it was very well received! Why not!

SO, what is happening?  Present were Luiz Aragon (Commissioner of Development) ,  and John Barnes  (the Principal of the Albert Leonard Middle School) in addition to Noam.

Mr. Aragon (who has been so great)  commented on how 3 1/2 – 4 years ago, the City had started to pave a new path for a bright future for investment and development in New Rochelle.  He had centered on approximately 300 acres of land in the downtown, with the New Rochelle Library and train station  being a central point (“the heart beat of the city”) , and his goal – along with the powers that be  in New Rochelle, was to build a gateway toward a dynamic New Rochelle, with new buildings, great walkability, a South Street Seaport like venture  -all to further our great city. New Rochelle is also the only city in Westchester to have Amtrak train service go to Boston and Washington.

They had allowed themselves a 10 year time frame for this undertaking, and already 50% of the projected plans have been approved. Partnered with RXR, these projects are grounded in reality, creating a zoning code that has been easier to follow than the past with RXR underwriting the environmental review thus shortening the usual time span required to file for new buildings. Some of the projects includes  new rental buildings . For example,  where the Smoke House is currently located will be 74 Housing Units with municipal parking.  Young Companies has several buildings planned all the way from the car wash to  Fifth Avenue.

Two Hamilton Avenue by Spiritos Properties is another development where the facade will be restored to its original glory with four additional Timber Construction floors with residential units.  Did you know that New Rochelle will be the first community in the region to have an entire timber constructed building?

ELD Properties are building New Ro Studios at 11 Burling Lane offering a preference to artists, and the ground floor will feature a co-working space for the artist residents!  Across the street from there at 22 Burling Avenue, ELD is constructing a building with a center courtyard with a tropical garden!

64 Centre Avenue will be the site of a 110 unit building – all rentals with some commercial space on the ground floor. Where the Loew’s Theatre  was once located  – 587 Main Street will house a 10,000 square foot Black Box  (inter changeable) Performance Theatre.

391 Huguenot will replace the U-Haul company currently there with a robotic parking.  Adjacent to the former  Church/Division Street parking garage, will be the new site of a  self-serve hotel with 80 rooms.

Where the Church/Division Street parking garage once was, RXR Realty will be building  two 28 story residential towers,  and a public pedestrian plaza offering an environmental friendly pocket park.

500 Main Street – where the Covenant Church stood, will, in partnership with the Baptist Church occupy the ground level.

A new dormitory is being planned for Locust Avenue by the St. Katherine’s Group – a private development in partnership with Monroe College. 

14 LeCount Place will be the site of two towers – 28 stories tall with 500 units total. This is the undertaking of Wilder Balter Partners, Inc.

Macquesten Development, LLC in partnership with the city has planned a 27 story Residential building at 45 Harrison Street..

45 Harrison will house the new City Hall with the fire station being relocated to a new fire station site (to be built).

The Printhouse is being built by East & Hudson and Megalith, located at 165 Huguenot Street will be a 6 story, high end 71 unit building complete with a rooftop terrace, residence lounge, state of the art fitness center, and ground floor retail! This is expected to be completed in 2018!

The Cappelli oganization is building at 251 North Avenue which will feature both retail and apartments.

Twining Properties has a long term project in the works at Pratt Landing where  it will resemble a South Street Seaport with great walkability from downtown. The 100,000 square feet of space will be the site of housing units, town homes, condos and a 200 bed hotel. This is in the marketing phase.

In all, approximately 6370 new housing units have been planned, with approximately 3300 right now approved..  The condos at the old Beckwith Pointe ( Watermark Point) have been a tremendous success with over 30 of the condos currently sold (72  condos in all).

In order to attract all of this development, there has been a PILOT program utilized ( Payment in lieu of Taxes) with the city receiving approximately 120 Million in net benefit over a 20 year period. The question of parking ( always a concern) was brought up, and it was mentioned that developers must offer one parking spot for each unit. However, developers can also pay into a fund which can reduce up to 30% of the parking requirement. The fund will be utilized to build new parking garages.

Mr. John Barnes

Mr. John Barnes , who has been the Principal of the Albert Leonard Middle School for 6 years then spoke about the school system.

He spoke of the wonderful languages the schools offer ( Please see my earlier blog on this subject!),  the 80 sports teams – 56 teams being at the High School, 24 teams at Albert Leonard – and of course he mentioned our undefeated soccer team! There is a recycling club, a writers workshop, more than 32 AP classes offered, and of course, every single Ivy League School will be represented  by at least one New Rochelle student  this fall. See my blog on the Top 33 Student college choices!

Lastly, two representatives from ENERGIZE New Rochelle spoke on how residents can lower their energy costs.  “New Rochelle is partnering with a non-profit program, Energize New Rochelle, to encourage home owners to take advantage of a home energy savings program. ”  The program pairs home owners with licensed contractors to go through their home to find ways they can save money by making their home green.  (914 – 302-7300, ext. 8102)  New Rochelle.EnergizeNY.org

New Rochelle – a city – but we all know one another- it just feels like a village! New Rochelle – Ideally Yours!

Thank you Noam, Luiz . Energize New Rochelle and Mr. Barnes for a great presentation!

New Rochelle is GREAT!



2018 Annual Paine Heights Colonial Fair

The weather was sublime, the attendance  lovely, and all who DID attend had a wonderful time thanks to the many volunteers to make it so.  Held on April 14th, 2018,  the Annual Colonial Fair was a great success! there was candle making, singing by  Thomas Hooker Hanford ,  there was a blacksmith,   story teller,  Colonial Soldiers and more!     Senator George Latimer even popped by to say hello!

The entrance fee was nominal – just $5 for adults, and $3 for children! The Cottage and Museum is located on Paine Avenue, and  the contact information is as follows:

     phone number is (914)633-1776.
You may reach the Historic Society members by email at 

New Rochelle is GREAT!

Dining at the Dubrovnik Restaurant, New Rochelle

New Rochelle is great in so many ways, and when you visit a nice restaurant, it is always nice to share your dining experience!  I took clients (and friends) to the Dubrovnik Restaurant  to celebrate their sale, and we were there for nearly 3 hours! We had so much fun! Firstly, the restaurant has a wonderful warm atmosphere, and of course it is decorated beautiful and tastefully for the Holidays. The service was impeccable, and when the waiter boned Rickie’s Bronzino,  it was done quickly and expertly. 

Known for its fish dishes, the waiter had brought over the night’s selection, and James chose the skate, Rickie the Bronzino,  and I chose the ‘Mama Tereza” which was an assortment of shellfish (clams, steamed lobster, mussels, shrimp and clams) served over linguine with white wine sauce. We started off with  sharing a beet salad which comprised of both golden and red beets and was delicious, and a grilled octopus.   All good.  James Skate dish was served with an asparagus risotto which was really good, and every dish looked great!

The restaurant is located at 721 Main Street, New Rochelle, and the phone number is 914 637-3777.  New Rochelle is GREAT!


The North End Tavern – a great local Pub!

I recently  had lunch at the North End Tavern (located at 1301 North Avenue).  While my sons have frequented the tavern, I hadn’t gone there and had no idea what to expect. It is advertised as a sports bar, and there are certainly  large sized screens around the bar and in the dining area. There is also a  semi-private room that can be booked for large gatherings if desired.

I was so pleasantly surprised!  I was truly expecting tavern (bar) fare, and my fish and  sweet potato chips were delicious. The fish was crisp, moist, and the sweet potato fries were not greasy at all. 

I will definitely be returning as the menu  looks quite interesting and the food was served beautifully.

The tavern is open 12-9 p.m. Monday to Thursday, 12-11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and 12 to 9 p.m. on Sundays. The phone number is 914 633-3224.


New Rochelle is GREAT!

The Tlaquepaque Restaurant – New Rochelle

SO, with an Australian house guest, we are endeavoring to show her how great our local restaurants are, one at a time!  In wishing to visit a local, Mexican Restaurant in New Rochelle, I came across The Tlaquepaque Restaurant located at 347 North Avenue. I had noticed a wonderful review in the Westchester Magazine, and that was enough for me!

Salmon with a pistachio sauce at Restaurant Tlaquepaque

The restaurant is intimate with a wonderful ambiance, the host (and owner) was so gracious and great, he made us feel immediately welcomed. I was enchanted by a Mexican station on the television, televising videos of Mexican singers which truly made you feel you were a part of their audience. It all added to the evening’s enjoyment.

My son loved the cactus!

We were served with home made chips and a nicely spiced salsa – those were soon gobbled up – so fresh and Delicious.

We first ordered calamari frito con mayonesa picante (fried calamari with a picante mayonnaise dipping sauce), and the guacamole and chips (avocado, chopped tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno pepper and lemon)..  Both delicious.

Pollo Tlaquepaque

There were five of us, and so different food choices ! I ordered one of the house specials – Salmon with a pistachio sauce, perfectly cooked vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots all with a slight crunch), and white rice. We also savored the Pollo Tlaquepaque (sauteed chicken breast with bell peppers, onion, peaches and a spicy tomato sauce served with white rice and beans) – the peaches were a great compliment to the spicy sauce.., Bistec Tampiquena (grilled steak topped with two cheese enchiladas served with refried beans), Chiles Rellenos (Mexican bell peppers stuffed with cheese in a vegetable broth or in a tomato cream sauce) , and a son ordered a steak dish with cactus which he said was delicious ( alas he didn’t share- it was gone too quickly!).  There were a variety of desserts offered, but we were all too full. Next time!

Beer seemed to be the perfect accompaniment on a very hot day, but wines and margaritas of course are also served!  The owner treated us all to a Tequila shot after our dinner! Oh my! A first for me.. I loved it.

Will we be returning to this New Rochelle restaurant?  Si, si si!

Tlaquepaque – located at 347 North Avenue, New Rochelle,  and my one complaint would be that there is no website! It took me 9 years to find this great restaurant . My loss but now gain!

New Rochelle is GREAT!


2018 Top 33 New Rochelle High School Students College Choices

Each year, the Principal usually announces the top 25 students college choices at the award ceremony. This year, since there were 33 students with GPA’s of over 100, Mr. Richardson announced the top 33 students  college choices! While I am just listing the colleges,  please know that each student was so qualified in every respect. 

  1.  Princeton – Studying Math and or Philosophy
  2.  Harvard – Engineering
  3.  Yale University – Political Science
  4.  Dartmouth College – Environmental or Biological Engineering
  5.  John’s Hopkins – Bio-Medical Program & Computer Science   Dual Program
  6.  Georgia Institute of Technology – Aerospace Engineering
  7.  University of Michigan – Psychology or Political Science
  8.  Amherst – Playing Soccer! Studying Neuroscience & Psychology
  9.  Purdue University – Engineering
  10.  University of California at Los Angeles – Political Science
  11.  Washington University in St. Louis – Psychiatrist
  12.   Middlebury College – Political Science
  13.   Yale University – Law School for Foreign Relations
  14.   New York University – Student scored a PERFECT score in the SAT’s in Math
  15.   Villanova University
  16.   Cornell University
  17.   Belmont University – Academic Scholarship majoring in Music
  18.   University of Michigan – Ross School of Biusiness
  19.   Cornell University – Neurologist
  20.   Brown University –  Her goal?  United States Senator!
  21.   SUNY Binghamton  – Business & Math
  22.   University of Michigan – Public Health Field of Medicine –  Pediatrician
  23.   University of Texas at Austin – Mechanical Engineering
  24.   Binghamton University – Computer Science
  25.   Cornell University – Business
  26.   University of Oregon – Clark Honors Program
  27.   Providence College – Biology  Engineering
  28.   University of Maryland – Psychology & Early Childhood Development
  29.   University of Pittsburgh Honors Program – Mechanical Engineer
  30.   Florida State University – High School Teacher & Writer
  31.   Tufts – Medicine & Computer Science
  32.   Cornell University – Business
  33.   New York University –  Finance


New Rochelle is GREAT!



So Many Great Languages in the New Rochelle School System

There are so many GREAT reasons to purchase a home in New Rochelle. One such reason would be the languages offered to our students in the different schools. 

Did you know that your student has the opportunity of learning a variety of languages such as Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, French and Latin.

“Our Dual Language Programs’ mission is to prepare multi-literate citizens in an international community. We seek, therefore:
1. To develop literacy and fluency in both English and in a second language (Spanish or Italian)
2. To promote cross-cultural awareness through the integration of English speakers and Spanish/ Italian speakers
3. To create accessibility to advanced world language credits and courses in higher grades
4. To promote high academic achievement through linguistic cognitive development. “

Mandarin is offered at the Davis Elementary School grades 2nd thru 5th, and at Webster Kaleidoscope grades 4th and 5th. No other elementary schools has Mandarin.  At Davis students have classes twice at week and at Webster every other day.

Ward and Trinity offer CILA programs  (Children’s International Language Academy). This is comprised of students speaking Spanish, and those students  who have some knowledge of Spanish.  However, At Ward, there is a  FLES program  (Foreign Language in the Elementary School) in Spanish K thru 5th. At Jefferson there is also a  FLES program K thru 5th. At Webster  there is a Spanish FLES K thru 5th No FLES programs are offered at Columbus or Trinity.

At Barnard, there is a Italian FLES program K thru 2nd Grade.  There is an Italian FLES offered at Jefferson 3rd thru 5th Grades.

Latin is offered at the High School, and it is also offered at both Middle school Albert Leonard Middle School and Isaac E. Young Middle School.

Both middle schools offer Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin and Latin. 

Mr. Juan Mendez , Chairperson of World Languages  & the ELL Department very kindly took the time to answer my questions on existing languages offered, but I also wanted to ask some  additional questions:

  1. What do you see for the future of different languages in our school district?  What are the percentages of students taking the AP courses?   (Answer)  At this juncture, there is not interest in adding another language. I do not have the percentage of AP students but I can tell you that we have two sections of AP Spanish language, one section of AP Spanish Literature, one section of French language, one section of AP Italian language, one section of Mandarin AP language, and one section of Latin AP.

New Rochelle Schools offer wonderful programs, and as I wrote in a recent blog, our students attend superb Colleges and Universities!

Come and visit. You will love it, and want to stay!

New Rochelle is GREAT!